13 September 2008

1968 Los Angeles Times Article About Rerouting Carbon Canyon Road!

One more historical (though more recent) article of interest from the Times appeared 20 October 1968 concerning the possible revamping of Carbon Canyon Road.

Although the talk at the time was tentative because it was described as being in the very early planning stages, it looked like there was serious consideration of straightening and widening the road. This would obviously have meant declaring eminent domain (a hot button issue in the last several years--more on that with the failed California Proposition 90 in a future post) and the destruction of housing in Sleepy Hollow and, perhaps, other locales along the route.

Quoted in this article was the Planning Director for the city of Brea, Harold Wilson, who prophesied that by 1993 there would be 25,000 car trips along Carbon Canyon Road each day. Wilson noted that population pressures for development necessitated the discussion for widening and straightening the road and gave the example of a closure of recently-opened 91 Freeway, which caused 42,000 car trips on Carbon Canyon Road. Said Wilson, "they were bumper-to-bumper and things were a real mess." Prescient as Wilson may have been, he had no idea just how much would change just about the time he was talking about.

In 1993, the housing market was slightly better than where it is now, but was, within a few years, to move into another hyper-inflated boom and traffic has gotten considerably worse (here's a plug once more for fighting the Canyon Crest housing project in the canyon--1,650 car trips a day more. Go to the 16 September meeting--a week from today!) The daily number of car trips is about 33,000 or so.

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