22 September 2008

Carbon Canyon Historical Artifact #6

Now, here's a classic later 1960s color postcard of the interior of the restaurant at La Vida Mineral Springs.

Look at the all of those period elements: the wood paneling on the booth in the foreground, which looks to have had the quilted vinyl seating; the faux brick wall in the back; the "repro" gas lamp ceiling light fixtures; the thin formica tables and matching dark wood with vinyl trimmed chairs; and much more.

Off to the right is what appears to be the bar with a jukebox in front of it and there's an upright piano next to the window. Best of all, though, has got to be the bright red carpeting, which is nicely coordinated with the light fixtures and the napkins on the neatly set table.

Dated as it might be by our sophisticated standards and taste, I have to say that the restaurant looks well maintained and would appeal to those into the retro scene. This postally unused card was made by Amescolor Publisher in Escondido, the same company that made the color exterior in my first posting of canyon-related historical artifacts back in early July.

This one, though, is slightly different in the design on the reverse, providing, for one thing, a five-digit zip code, which the other did not. This seems to indicate a later date. The font is also different, as is the stamp box. On the reverse is the printed text: "Colorful dining room and Cocktail Lounge / at LA VIDA MINERAL SPRINGS / CARBON CANYON / BREA, CALIFORNIA." Colorful it certainly was!

This item is 2008.6.1.1 of the Carbon Canyon Collection.

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