10 June 2016

Two Carbon Canyon Road Closures in One Day

This isn't from either of today's incidents, but was from May when this sign, frequently mangled, was partially amputated below its "right knee" when a car crashed into it at the S-curve along Carbon Canyon Road on the Chino Hills side of the canyon.
There were two separate complete closures of Carbon Canyon Road this morning, which even for the long history of serious crashes and shutdowns of the state highway is unusual.

The first incident was this morning in a familiar location for accidents on the Brea side between Olinda Village and Carbon Canyon Regional Park.  The driver and passenger in a pickup were taken to a hospital for evaluation, while the driver and passenger of a sedan were examined by paramedics on scene, but not transported to a hospital.

More on this incident can be viewed here.

Then, in the late morning, a wreck near the intersection of Carbon Canyon Road and Chino Hills Parkway took place, shutting down the highway for about fifteen minutes, until the scene was cleared and the road reopened.  There were no details about the accident on the City of Chino Hills website's Major Road Closure notification system.

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