30 June 2016

Carbon Canyon Historical Artifact #52: La Vida Mineral Springs Matchbook

It's a simple little artifact, but as a promotional piece it represents a part in the history of the La Vida Mineral Springs resort on the Brea side of Carbon Canyon.

This matchbook appears to date from the 1950s, based on the font used in the printing and the exchange phone number of LAkeview 8-2828 (Lakeview probably connected to that area of Placentia/Yorba Linda where the exchange tied in to Carbon Canyon.)

The motto "Always a Friendly Welcome" heads the main flap, followed by the resort name and the listing of the hotel, cottages (these once lined the western part of the site along the edge of Carbon Creek) and the cafe.

The back of the book notes that "For General Health / TRY OUR NATURAL HOT SODA MINERAL BATHS" including the opportunities for massages and, yes, colonics.

The striking (sorry, couldn't help it) dark blue background with silver lettering certainly stands out.  Notably, this book was never used being a production item that remained unfolded and didn't have matches attached to it.  Perhaps it was a sample by the manufacturer, Monarch Match of San Jose?

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