05 October 2015

Carbon Canyon Road Closure Ended

UPDATE, 10:30 A.M.  Actually, the closure was  because of the obliteration of this pole.   Clearly, someone heading westbound mishandled the curve coming down from Carriage Hills and there may have been some light rain at the time, as well.

Notably, Brea's hotline had information about this incident, but there was nothing found with the Chino Hills emergency notification system, though the wreck happened in the latter.

Additionally, a regular reader sent on advisories given to members of Western Hills Country Club, which is just west of the accident site.

Driving from Chino Hills Parkway to Carbon Canyon Road this morning, there is an electronic message board stating that Carbon Canyon Road is closed, but a check of the Brea emergency hotline a few minutes ago revealed that the road was opened as of about 7:15 a.m.

There was, by the way, a wooden power pole flattened on westbound Carbon Canyon between Carriage Hills and Fairway Drive, but the full road closure was somewhere on the Brea side.

The road, again, is open.

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Anonymous said...

All I know is that my drive from Sleepy Hollow to Brea was heaven this morning! Not one car on my side of the road.