18 October 2015

Carbon Canyon Horse Ranch Property For Sale Again

Devastated by the November 2008 fire that consumed much of Carbon Canyon, the former Manely Friends horse property in the Brea portion of the canyon is back on the market again.

The accompanying flyer shows several drone-taken photographs of the 10-acre parcel, noting that it has 24 stables, which were, to some extent, rehabbed after the fire; a variety of fruit trees; and the bridge built to replace the one burned out by the conflagration seven years ago.

Notably, the listing states that "per the sellers" the property is zoned as recreational, commercial, and hillside residential and that "sellers have been told be the City that they can build 2.2 houses/acre, and 5 acres of this property is buildable."  Whether it is actually feasible to build up to 11 houses on the property is another matter.

It is also observed, "per the sellers," that "the grant deed shows the property going to the center of [the] road, and the state has a 20 foot easrment on each side of Carbon Canyon."  This must reflect the fact that the original Carbon Canyon Road, dating back to the 1910s, was much narrower and that an easement had to be obtained with property owners to widen what became a state highway in the early 1930s.

Five years ago, the property was marketed for sale at $1.8 million, but now there is no price listed on the flyer, only a statement to "please call for pricing."

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