07 August 2015

Chino Hills Police Targets Dangerous Driving in Carbon Canyon?

Thanks to regular reader Jeff Fischer for passing along a bit of news from the City of Chino Hills Web site, which can be accessed here.

Here is the press release issued by the city's police department:

It has been stated by department officials at public meetings, as recently as the 9 July public safety forum held at the Chino Hills Community Center that the official rate of 2.5 accidents per month was not considered unusual.  This was repeated at a Carbon Canyon Fire Safe Council meeting just two days ago.  In fairness, it was also stated that study of the issue was ongoing and this development is obviously an outgrowth of that.

Yet, this press release cites statistics as indicating that, in the eleven months since August 2014, the Chino Hills portion of Carbon Canyon Road has experienced three fatal crashes, 91 injury collisions, and 105 property damage accidents.

How did we get from 30 accidents a year to that?

Anyway, if this latest news means more patrolling to mitigate dangerous driving on Carbon Canyon Road, then more power to the police department for taking this next step.

So, we'll see what happens with this latest news.

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