02 August 2015

Candlelight Walk for Former Sleepy Hollow Resident

Friday night, a group of about twenty Sleepy Hollow residents gathered together to honor the memory of Darlene Walters, a former member of the community who passed away last week after battling cancer.

A group of Sleepy Hollow residents take part in a candlelight procession around the neighborhood in memory of Darlene Walker, a former resident who passed away a few days ago from cancer.
Darlene lived on Rosemary Lane for several years with a son and daughter and really loved living in Sleepy Hollow.  The sale of the home she rented, however, forced her to move and she hoped to buy something in the neighborhood, but this proved unworkable.  Not long after leaving the area, the cancer she had overcome before recurred.  She was living with her mother in Corona at the time of her passing.

Friends and neighbors, including several who remained in touch with Darlene after she moved, met at a nearby house to eat, drink and share memories of Darlene.  A photo board showing her with family and friends was part of an altar in the backyard.

About 9:00, everyone got together, lit votive candles, and went on a walk through the quiet, dimlit streets of Sleepy Hollow in recognition of Darlene's love of walking through the neighborhood.  It was a really nice way for those who knew her to pay their respects.

A full moon shines over the hills above Sleepy Hollow, illuminating banks of clouds, while the yellow glow of a streetlight bathes the foreground during the candlelight procession.
Places like Sleepy Hollow do provide an atmosphere that fosters a sense of community for many who live in it.  On Rosemary Lane, for example, many of the residents will get together for Super Bowl, Halloween and Christmas parties or for other functions.

This wasn't a celebration in the same way, though it was a celebration of the memory and life of someone who was special to those who took part in tonight's vigil.  There is a sense of loss when a friend and neighbor is gone so quickly and unexpectedly, but a sense of community enabled tonight's remembrance to happen and there's probably no better way to pay tribute to someone than that.

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