20 January 2015

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #17048

This one is of very recent vintage, probably over the weekend (as is often the case), and is in a very familiar location.

There have been several instances of damage on this guardrail over the years because of the sharp curves along Carbon Canyon Road in the vicinity.

The spot is westbound on the state highway just a tich east of the old entrance to the La Vida Mineral Springs motel on the Brea side of the Canyon.

The vehicle departed from the well-striped roadway, reshaped a highway mileage marker, and turned a relatively-new section of rail into a ribbon of distended metal.

CalTrans District 12 has already marked the spot for another repair.

They also have some work to do to repair the pummeled 45 mph sign further west near the Chino Hills State Park Discovery Center, as noted in the last post here.

Give it another several months or maybe a year or two and they'll likely be back doing the same thing.

And, so will errant drivers who don't have to worry about anyone in officialdom paying the slightest attention.

Oh, and one other little item.  While driving home on Carbon Canyon Road eastbound this afternoon about 2:30 (and a couple of minutes prior to the above photos being snapped) while crawling along at 50 mph in the 45 mph zone, yours truly was passed by a youngster in a lifted white Ford 150 pickup crossing into the right turn lane for the Discovery Center and then into the accelerator line from said center, and speeding along . . . that is, until encountering the next slow commuter.

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