11 January 2015

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #16923

This poor sign, just east of the Chino Hills State Park Discovery Center on the south side of Carbon Canyon Road, has been taken out several times in recent years--the last time was in 2014 and the repair was done quickly before it could be posted here.

In any case, the vehicle appeared to be traveling eastbound on the state highway, when it lopped the directional sign (indicating a curve at a recommended speed of 45 mph for westbound travelers) off at the "ankles" and sent it flying a good twenty or so feet away.

Pieces of the car's undercarriage, silver fiberglass frame, and other miscellaneous parts are strewn about the crash site, as shown in the photos, taken about an hour or so ago.

Meantime, there are two new series of skid marks nearby, both from westbound downhill drivers on the decline from Olinda Village and, in both cases, the skidding winds and wends across the center divider in both lanes.  The first seems to have happened about two weeks ago and the other within the last week.

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