15 December 2014

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #16852

Follow the tire tracks as they veer off the wide paved shoulder (a rarity along the highway) and onto the dirt where a poor, innocuous sign was just doing its duty before it was flattened.
Not an earth-shattering incident.  Sign-battering, yes.

All it was trying to say was that a school bus stop was 400 feet ahead.   Well, used to be--the bus hasn't stopped at Ginseng Lane/Fairway Drive for at least a few years.  Still, it's the principle of the thing.
This was either the work of an errant eastbound driver or a kid who really, really didn't want to go to school that day.

Actually, the sign, which once stood a little east of Valley Springs Road, is for a bus stop at Fairway Drive/Ginseng Lane, where no bus has stopped for who knows how long.  So, maybe CalTrans should send the poor little thing to that great sign storage building in the sky.


Anonymous said...

LOLOL!!! Thanks for brightening the day!

Jeff Fischer said...

Really? There? Other than the climb out of (or descent into, depending on your perspective) Sleepy Hollow, that's one of the straightest parts of the road, and certainly the widest. Napping or texting, no doubt.

prs said...

Hello Anonymous and Jeff, sometimes you have to use an attempt (successful or not) at humor on this stuff. And, yes, Jeff, this is probably the straightest part of the whole highway. Who knows what happened here, though? Thanks, you two, for checking in and commenting.