26 December 2014

Carbon Canyon's Newest Business

Well, there had been chatter about a new restaurant opening in the Olinda Village shopping center where Sol de México closed earlier this year, but in the last month or so a new business has hung up its shingle there.

Canyon Cleaners has opened its doors, occupying suite 170 where Station 4 of the Fullerton/Brea Fire Department was housed until a new station was built and opened in the lot at the east end of the center.

Whether there is enough of a market for a cleaners in the Olinda Village area is debatable, although lettering on the window indicates that there is also a scrapbooking component to the business, which does seem to be a strange pairing.

Moreover, the Olinda Village shopping center is more than outdated--not only is it fifty years old and does not give much of an impression of being well-maintained, but it was built under the premise that it could successfully serve a small residential community.  It doesn't help, probably, that the building has its "back" turned to Carbon Canyon Road and is up on a slope, affecting its visibility.

In any case, we'll see in coming months whether the business has the customer base to stay viable.

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