05 November 2014

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #s 16341, 16447 & 16568

This one apparently take place over the weekend just west of the summit of the S-curve next to the Carriage Hills subdivision along Carbon Canyon Road in Chino Hills.

The vehicle was heading westbound and clearly took the curve too quickly, overcompensated, crossed the opposing lane, skidded (tire markings are visible just above the shade and on the white line in the above image) into a drain and then up on the grass along the side of the highway, narrowly missing (or slightly grazing) a power pole before winding up on the roadway.

What's curious is that the photos clearly show a single path gouged into the grass, so it may be that this involved a motorcycle, albeit with wide tires or else the rider was trying to keep control and widened the gouge in maneuvering through.

In any case, it was a close call with that pole as the trajectory indicates.

An earlier incident (and one that would be hard to photograph because of the narrowness of the roadway) took place to the east and downhill from the summit, just before the second to the last curve.  A vehicle heading eastbound left the roadway, climbed up the short dirt embankment and took out a reflector post (or maybe two).  This probably happened more on the order of a couple of weeks back.

Meantime, it is apparent that one of the metal bollards designed to protect a power pole at the sharpest curve in this area, midway between the accidents noted here, has been hit again and the pole has been pushed back as far as it can so that it actually touches the pole.

This seems to indicate that the next time someone makes contact there (and it's likely happened several times since the last major joust with the unfortunate, inoffensive pole), the bollard will no longer be able to be an adequate sentry and some significant damage will ensue.


Jeff Fischer said...

Yep. Heard #2. I live close enough to the S curves that I hear a lot of the accidents that happen there. Even have a classification system: If it's a screech/bang (metal on metal) I call 911. This one was a screech/thud (hit the dirt), so he was on his own. :-)

prs said...

Hi Jeff, thanks for checking in and for the comment, especially your classification of accidents.

Jeff Fischer said...

Had another screech/bang on the "S" curves just moments ago. Sirens on the way before I could call it in. Wouldn't be surprised if CC was closed for a bit.