13 November 2014

Carbon Canyon History Article Published

An article on the history of Carbon Canyon has just been published in the tenth volume of the journal Orange Countiana, issued by the Orange County Historical Society.

Based on a presentation given to the society earlier this year, the ten-page piece discussed the early history from native Indians through the mid-1800s; the Olinda Ranch; the Olinda oil field; La Vida Mineral Springs; Carbon Canyon Road; fires and floods; and recent residential development.  The article is also illustrated with historic photos.  Because the piece was for the Orange County Historical Society, most of the content concerns that side of the canyon, though there is some brief mentions of the Chino Hills and San Bernardino County side.

The tenth volume of the journal Orange Countiana, just published this week by the Orange County Historical Society, features a ten-page article on Carbon Canyon, focusing mainly on the Orange County portion of the canyon.
Orange Countiana is very ably edited by Phil Brigandi, an authority on the history of the county, and this issue also contains articles on the Gospel Swamp community of today's south Santa Ana; an early winemaker from the county, and a reprint of a chapter of a 1930 book by early OC chronicler Terry Stephenson about the earliest Spanish settlers of the area, including the Yorbas, Peraltas, and Grijalvas.

For information on the journal, copies of which are $24 including shipping and handling, contact the Society at orangecountiana@orangecountyhistory.org or send a check to Orange County Historical Society, P.O. Box 10984, Santa Ana, CA 92711.

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