02 March 2014

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #15419

This one took place within the last day or so (sometime since Friday afternoon) at a familiar spot, on the eastbound side of Carbon Canyon Road across from the old entrance to the La Vida Mineral Springs hotel on the Brea portion of Carbon Canyon.

The latest traffic mishap on Carbon Canyon Road, across from the old La Vida Mineral Springs hotel entrance in Brea, took place Friday or Saturday.  The road was rain-slicked, but experience indicates there might have been some other factor (speed, chemical impairment?)

The particular location and its immediate vicinity are especially vulnerable to dangerous driving and this guardrail has been similarly mutilated, mangled, mashed, manipulated, manhandled and mistreated previously.

Naturally, this was the rain's fault (cynic's tongue in cheek,) though maybe someone has some details of what took place here?

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