06 March 2014

Carbon Canyon Road Closure

Well, here we go again . . . Carbon Canyon Road is closed in both directions near the Orange/San Bernardino counties line, due to a major injury accident. 

Traffic is heavy right now in Sleepy Hollow as cars are heading westbound only to be turned around and redirected eastward towards Chino Hills.

Will try to update as notifications are sent out.

UPDATE: Looks like Chino Hills sheriff's officials are turning back traffic further east--perhaps at Chino Hills Parkway as traffic is much lighter.  Other deputies are stationed at the county line to turn drivers around and the accident is somewhere on the Brea side of the Canyon.

Indications are that the road will be closed for "several hours."

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UPDATE, 9:45 A.M.:  The road was reopened as of 9:30, so Brea police were able to get on the clearance quickly.  The accident occurred just east of the Chino Hills State Park Discovery Center about a mile or so west of Olinda Village.  Courtesy of Duane Thompson of Olinda Village, the photo below shows the accident scene, where another wreck occurred within the last several weeks.

The latest in a spate of crashes, collisions and wrecks along Carbon Canyon Road.  This took place this morning west of Olinda Village and just east of the Chino Hills State Park Discovery Center.  Courtesy of Duane Thompson.

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Anonymous said...

How very sad. :^( I hope the folks involved come out okay. Prayers up for them and their loved ones. There are so few roads like Carbon Canyon in So Cal, so folks really don't have much experience driving them safely. I grew up in country where CC Road would be considered very tame. I drove them like a maniac in my youth, it's a wonder I didn't kill myself or someone else -- and so I have a special soft spot especially for young folks who stupidly hotrod through the canyon, and I say a prayer for them when I hear them go by. As for older folks who should know better but whom I've seen WAY TOO MANY TIMES driving so stupidly and aggressively (not to mention tossing their trash out of their windows!!! GRRRRR!) ... well, I think they need a good swift kick in the patoot. Still, it's sad and tragic when an accident happens on CC Road. THANK YOU so much for keeping us posted. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your website, and check it regularly ever week or two.

A neighbor in Mountain View Estates neighborhood