03 July 2013

M-80 (Or Something) in Sleepy Hollow?

Several minutes ago a large explosion was heard coming from somewhere in Sleepy Hollow that, with the canyon walls, was really startling, especially to kids who had just gone to bed.

In Carbon Canyon, at any time, it is irresponsible to use even "safe and sane" fireworks, but, given the long-term drought and the paltry five inches of rain that fell this last winter, anything that involves illegal (anywhere) incendiaries is insanity.

So, the police were called out to patrol, but it doesn't seem likely that anything can be done unless someone was caught in the act.  Besides, who knows from where the explosion came?

Tonight was the monthly meeting of the Carbon Canyon Fire Safe Council and local fire department representatives noted that extra crews would be out to respond to reports of firework activity--presumably tomorrow.  At least one person decided to launch something pretty powerful (a M-80?) tonight--in an area that is very fire prone.  It'd be pure wishful thinking to hope that they would get caught doing it again.

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