29 July 2013

Chino Hills Maternity Home in Foreclosure

The house overlooking the intersection of Carbon Canyon Road and Chino Hills Parkway that briefly hosted a notorious "maternity hotel" for Chinese women and which business, known as "Los Angeles Hermas Hotel" was shut down after numerous code and health and safety violations is going into foreclosure, according to an article in today's Inland Valley Daily Bulletin.

The nearly 8,000 square foot home and surrounding property, amounting to about five acres, was listed by owner Hai Wong Yu for $3.3 million, but with no offers coming in, the listing was pulled.  Now, the parcel will be heading for public auction with a stated value of $1.9 million.

Regardless of its colorful recent past, the size of the house and lot and its amazing views should make it an attractive remodel for someone looking to buy the house at a value price and then flip it or for someone intending to live on the premises.  It will, however, take a significant amount of work to revert the house back to a single-family residence.

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