22 June 2013

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #12946

Heading into Chino Hills about an hour and a half ago, it was found that a silver car had gone off Carbon Canyon Road on one of the lower sections of the S-curve just east of the upper entrance to the Summit Ranch development.

The vehicle was heading westbound and took out a pole and then lodged deep into a thick stand of trees and bushes.  A Chino Hills Police Department vehicle was parked, crime scene tape was stretched out over about a sixty-foot or so length of the curve and two officers were taking measurements at the Summit Ranch entrance at Azurite Drive.

The presence of crime scene tape and the work the officers were doing leads to the conclusion that the accident involved serious injury or worse.  Just a few moments ago, the car was still in place and the patrol car standing by.

Perhaps some news of this will come to light over the next couple of days.

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