19 June 2013

Ominous Fire Season Forecast

Two of Carbon Canyon's most active stewards have routed the following link to a report that predicts that this year's fire season could be the worst on record.  Already, there have been several major blazes in southern California, including a very large fire in Ventura County near Camarillo and another major conflagration near Elizabeth Lake in northern Los Angeles County.

Needless to say, local fire authorities, other officials and many residents have tried to do their best to prepare fire-prone areas.  The small amount of rainfall during the winter, only some five inches, which is among the lowest since official tallies were started in 1877, and the fact that a small burst of rain in late January actually exacerbated the problems because of the timing of new growth and extreme dryness that followed, are telling for this year.

Those of us who live in Carbon Canyon, as well as those who travel through it, need to be extra careful and mindful of the conditions that will continue to develop over the course of the summer and, especially, the fall when dry conditions and Santa Ana winds tend to be at their worst.

Click here for the link to the report (note the comment by a Carbon Canyon resident).

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