14 February 2013

The Further Adventures of Artistic Expression in the Face of Injustice

This latest defacing of the old La Vida Mineral Springs water tank and concrete bases took place last weekend.

Maybe the good samaritan who selflessly painted over previous "expressions" is willing to give it another try?

UPDATE, 23 February:  Ask and ye shall receive?  The "Good Samaritan" who has previously gone in and painted over graffiti that has sometimes marred the old water tank at the La Vida Mineral Springs property has returned and done the favor of covering the recent infliction of damage on it.  Although a commenter has opined that this latest effort is "not much better" than the graffiti, it seems pretty obvious that the "battleship gray" is infinitely preferable.

Many thanks to whomever it was who performed this latest good deed to this poor historic relic, which resided in obscurity due to overgrowth of plant material before the devastation wrought by the fire of November 2008.


Anonymous said...

Simply despicable.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that, pretty disgusting. Someone has painted over the grafitti with battleship gray, not much better.

Would one get in trouble for trying to match the original paint colors and giving the whole thing a fresh coat?

prs said...

Hello Anonymous of 22 February, thanks for the comment. While I would not agree that the earnest effort to cover over the graffiti is "not much better," I would say that, given the owner of the property lives in Japan and does not expend any effort to maintain his property, anyone looking to give the tank its original pink color would no more get in trouble than those who defaced it or the Good Samaritan who has painted over the former. Again, thanks for visiting and commenting.