26 February 2013

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #10934-36

Of fairly recent vintage are three examples of errancy on Carbon Canyon Road--well, at least two for sure with one believed to be so from circumstancial evidence.

The first is the pummeling of the arrow sign on eastbound side of the tightest portion of the S-curve in Chino Hills--an area that has seen the frequent plowing down of the two signs there, as well as the nudging of guardrails.  The photo here shows the prostrate signpost against the rock faced property fence.

Just a little further down on that eastbound sign, just a few dozen feet away, skid marks cross the westbound side and lead off into the shoulder--a pretty clear indication that a driver took the curve too fast and overcompensated, skidding into the shoulder.  Good thing no one was coming the other way.

Less clear is on the downslope west of Olinda Village on the Brea side of the canyon, where there is a considerable amount of dried fluids on both sides of the highway--perhaps oil, radiator fluid and who knows what else as possible evidence of a wreck there.

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