17 September 2012

Sleepy Hollow Postmodern Home for Sale

There are a couple postmodern houses in Sleepy Hollow and one of them, on East Lane near the intersection with Rosemary Lane, is for sale.

The nearly 1,300 square foot, two-bedroom, two-bath residence has a large 11,000+ square foot lot with patios, gardens and other nice amenities and the interior of the house is well laid-out and maintained, especially for those who prize modern houses.

The structure is architect-designed, was completed in 2000, and is offered for $319,000.  There was an open house last Saturday and perhaps there will be another. 

Click here for listing information.  There is a nice slideshow with a generous number of photographs that attractively show the house and lot.


Craig Sibley said...

Before buying our house on Low Lane (just off of Canon), we looked at this house (it was for sale at the time). Interesting, but not enough rooms for us. The most memorable thing we have of this house is that it reeked of a pot farm! Weed was definitely smoked in abundance in this house!

prs said...

Hi Craig, this house sold pretty quickly and there has been a lot of yard work done on it. It looks pretty good right now and no smoke or smells of the type you've described observed! Thanks for the comment.