07 September 2012

Carbon Canyon Historypin Channel Launched!

Images and text for Carbon Canyon-related history have been adapted from the Carbon Canyon Chronicle to Historypin, a site that allows users to mark interesting historical locations through photos, video and audio on Google maps.

There is an existing Google Maps page with pinned sites, but without the historic photos, that has been in place for a few years, but Historypin provides another platform for sharing historic content, including photographs, for those out there who might have an interest or who might accidentally stumble upon something that will stir interest.

Today's modest launch features four pinned sites, but, hopefully, there will be regular additions to it in coming weeks and months.  Historypin also provides an opportunity for viewers to comment, view other channels, and, of course, create their own.

To see the Carbon Canyon Channel directly, click here.  There is also a link at the far right of the main page of this blog.

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