13 June 2012

Earthquake Near Carbon Canyon Tonight

At 8:17 this evening, a small earthquake measuring about 4.1 on the Richter scale struck along what might be the active Whittier Fault, the source of the 5.4 temblor that struck in July 2008, at which is described as three miles depth and two miles north of Yorba Linda.

This appears to place the quake at an area within Chino Hills State Park, just south of Carbon Canyon and perhaps in or very near Soquel Canyon.

A shaker of this magnitude, described as a short, quick jolt, is a minor event, but a reminder that we are prone to activity on a regular basis.

As for the "Big One" that has long been predicted to be an 8.0+ event, likely along the massive San Andreas Fault, which runs north of the San Gabriel Mountains and roughly west to east along that chain in the desert areas there, this region has not seen a quake of that strength since 1857.

Obviously, we're long overdue for a major earthquake.  Are you prepared?

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