06 June 2012

Carbon Canyon Road Water System Project Done?

Based on a few drives over on the Brea side of Carbon Canyon in recent days, it would appear that the extensive work conducted by the city regarding water distribution system aspects is complete.  This project, updating a system that was first installed way back in the 1960s, involving replacement of gate valves air relief valves, blow off valves, water main isolation valves, and vaults with pressure regulating valves, as well as almost 3,500 linear feet of larger water mains along a long stretch of the highway would, if this is true, have been completed on time, which can be a bit of a rarity these days.  One notable and visible change is the installation of a new fire hydrant on the north side of Carbon Canyon Road, just east of the former Manely Friends stable complex.

So, if the project is actually concluded, the next one to come down the pike would be the repaving of the highway, with this latter work conducted by CalTrans.  Of course, this will involve lane closures and slower commutes, though the times during which the work would be done might mirror those of the water system project; in other words, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. or something similar to minimize disruption.

To date, the City of Brea Web site does not have any updated information either on the status of the water main work or the resurfacing, but an update will be posted here when one or the other is known.

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