20 March 2012

La Vida Mineral Springs Music History: YouTube Videos!

In its later years, the La Vida Mineral Springs was a popular place for live music and a post from 2009 (see here) covers some of the history of the music scene at the resort.

One band that played at La Vida was called SMUT and several videos of mid-1980s performances of contemporary and classic rock songs by the group have been posted on YouTube.  Click here and here for two of four videos that were uploaded.  The other two can be accessed from the sidebar to the right.

It is a trip (back to the past) to watch and listen to these, seeing the rudimentary stage where the band performed, watching people listening and dancing, and observing other elements captured on these videos.  Regardless of what is thought about the quality of the music, it is fun to watch the crowd and see what little can be made out of the resort.

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