29 March 2012

California Conservation Corps Crews Continue Carbon Canyon Creek Cleanup Correction

In the two-and-a-half weeks since the post about the intensive cleanup work conducted by the California Conservation Corps along Carbon [Canyon] Creek on the Brea side of the Canyon, further work has been done and more orange trash bags are sitting alongside the highway to testify to the efforts that have been ongoing.

There is a very noticeable difference in the appearance of the creek, especially on the south side of the highway as the creek goes from the old La Vida Mineral Springs property under the roadway and hugs the hillsides (recently purchased by the Orange County Transportation Authority for open space preservation and to be later added to Chino Hills State Park) as the watercourse heads toward Hollydale Mobile Home Estates in Olinda Village.

The last post also made mention of the fact that preexisting trash dumped along the road at the La Vida site was not being cleaned up, but someone spoke/wrote a little too soon.  In fact, CCC crews have taken care of this garbage, including the items left very close to the creek at the old bridge leading to the motel from Carbon Canyon Road.  This was material that had been there for many months.

So, further kudos to the Corps for the careful and comprehensive cleaning that it has been engaged on with Carbon Canyon Creek over the last several weeks.  It has truly made a difference!


Jennifer Dulay said...

The California Conservation Corps (CCC) is working with Caltrans on a Transportation Enhancement project along Carbon Canyon. The project derived from the recent fire damage that occurred in Carbon Canyon and Chino Hills State Park. The CCC crews are planting natives to replace the hundreds of native plants that were lost due to fire damage. They are planting Willow, Mulefat, Sycamore and California Walnut.

Jennifer Dulay said...

Thank you for being a supporter of the CCC. The CCC crew is located out of the Pomona Satellite. If you have any questions regarding projects or corpsmember positions, my email is jennifer.dulay@ccc.ca.gov

prs said...

Hi Jennifer, that is great to get the further information about the planting of native plants to replace those destroyed in the 2008 fires. Thanks for the update and keep up the good work!