08 October 2011

Carbon Canyon Road Closure Today!

UPDATE, 3:00 P.M.:  Carbon Canyon Road is open again as of 2:30 p.m.  Presumably, there will be information on the fatal accident in the next issue of the Chino Hills Champion.

Carbon Canyon Road (State Route 142) has been closed from the Brea/Chino Hills border on the west because of a fatal traffic accident that has occurred somewhere in the vicnity of Carriage Hills.  For those looking to go west from the Chino Hills side, the road is closed at Chino Hills Parkway and for those coming east from Brea, the closure is at the county line, although posted street signs and message boards warn of the closure from near the 57 Freeway and further east along Lambert.  According to the Chino Hills emergency hotline, the road could be closed as late as 5:00 p.m. while the investigation into the fatality continues.

As of 11:51, the Chino Hills side of Carbon Canyon only has local resident access for Carriage Hills and Summit Ranch residents, with the former using Old Carbon Canyon Road and the latter using the Feldspar Drive access.  While there was no indication as to access to other portions of the Chino Hills side of Carbon Canyon (namely, Sleepy Hollow, Mountain View Estates, Western Hills Oaks, Oak Tree Downs/Estates or Western Hills Mobile Home Estates, I was able to get to Sleepy Hollow from the Brea side and, upon driving east on the highway, found that Sheriff's deputies were blocking access only from Fairway Drive/Ginseng Lane, so access from Brea should be available to that point.

However, while the Chino Hills emergency hotline identifies the westbound closure from Chino Hills, the Brea hotline identifies the closure at the county line and DOES NOT specify resident access to the Chino Hills side up to Fairway/Ginseng.  It is suggested to keep checking the two city hotlines.

For recorded information on road conditions, the City of Chino Hills hotline is (909) 364-2828.   The City of Brea hotline is (714) 990-7732.


Leah T. said...

As usual,thanks Paul for the updates! Leah T. Carbon Canyon Fire Safe Council

Anonymous said...

I spoke to the officer that was stopping traffic at Ginsing. Seems a bicyclist and a car collided. He indicated it was a death investigation. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Sad. He was so young. Details will no doubt be available soon. Many freeway exits, crossover freeway exits and roads are extremely dangerous and each city must take some responsibility in these accidents, especially fatalities. Amends should be made to those convicted of an accident that was caused by a dangerous cross over freeway or a dangerous road. The cities MUST take responsibility.

prs said...

Hello Anonymous of 12 October: I agree, to an extent, with your concern about the responsibility of the cities (Brea and Chino Hills) who are to patrol the state highway, while CalTrans deals specifically with road maintenance. Somewhat regular patrols seem, by the anecdotal evidence regularly posted here, to be warranted, but are unlikely to occur, unless (maybe) a rash of fatalities were to occur. At the same time, as has been said already, drivers and bicyclists must also bear some burden of responsibility. The details of this incident, however, have yet to be revealed, if it is known precisely what happened. If anything more comes out, there will be updates here. Thanks for the comment.