19 October 2011

Carbon Canyon Resident Brush Drop-Off Day #2 This Saturday

The second installment of the brush drop-off program for residents of Carbon Canyon on the Chino Hills side only, coordinated by the Carbon Canyon Fire Safe Council and paid for by the City of Chino Hills, will take place, once again, next to Fire Station #64 and Western Hills Park on Canon Lane and Carbon Canyon Road.

The hours have been shortened to between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m., because that's when all of the activity took place at the inaugural date in September, which had an additional hour at each end.  As with last month, residents can bring their brush to the drop-off point and members of the Council will be there to assist.

Those bringing brush should bring proof of residency in the Chino Hills side of Carbon Canyon, such as a driver's license, utility bill or Carbon Canyon emergency access pass.

For further information, call (909) 902-5280, x. 409.


Lena said...

My husband and I are grateful for this blog! Thank you so much for creating it.
It is pretty much the only source we've found, to find out all that occurs in the Sleepy Hollow/Carbon Canyon area. We enjoy your history lessons regarding the area as well...
We love living here!

prs said...

Hi Lena, thanks for the comment and glad that the blog is of interest. Haven't posted any history for awhile; time to get something along those lines posted.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of brush, has anyone else had any trouble with homeowners insurance? The Sleepy Hollow area has been re-mapped to a high brush fire area.