16 February 2011

Partial Closure on Carbon Canyon Road

I awoke this morning to a little morning drizzle, which was welcome after a long stretch of dry weather, but also the sight of a 25-foot tall (or so) oak tree in my neighbor's yard that had fallen.  Fortunately, it landed at the edge of the property and did not directly topple onto the adjacent Carbon Canyon Road, which, of course, has been in the throes of the morning rush hour.

While walking the kids down to the bus stop, however, it was noted that a second tree had a branch sheared off by the force of the first tree's tumble.  Consequently, moments after arriving at the bus stop, a crack and a crash came and part of the second tree plopped onto a portion the eastbound lane of the highway.  Then, another loud noise was issued and more of tree number two crashed onto the road, completely blocking that side of the highway.  This was also fortuitous because, while there is a long line of commuters going west, the opposite lane, naturally, is relatively lighttly-used. Otherwise, a car could easily have been pinned under the debris.

A neighbor ran out to the shoulder of the westbound lane to direct traffic and, after I ran back home to retrieve something for my son for school and made a call to the Sheriff's Department for traffic assistance, I ventured out to help.  For about fifteen minutes or so, we worked to manage traffic.  Thanks to the 98% of drivers who handled the inconvenience with aplomb! 
Finally, two patrol cars from the Brea Police Department, perhaps having been informed that the incident was on the Orange County side, rolled up and took charge. Within the last few minutes, the Sheriff's Department has shown up, coned off the area, and relieved their Brea colleagues of traffic duty.  Presumably, City of Chino Hills Public Works personnel and/or CalTrans crews will be arriving soon to remove whatever material is directly on the road.  As for my neighbor, who just within recent days has removed two old trees in front of his property, he'll have the onerous expense of having two more to deal with.
Another (partial) road closure on Carbon Canyon Road and an illustration that our many oaks provide beauty and ambience, but can also bring the occasional inconvenience.


G said...

Dear Neighbor:

Thank you for creating and posting to this blog. This tree incidient this morning had me scouring the internet for information about it, and came across your blog that -- at first glance -- is full of useful information and history about my neighborhood, Sleepy Hollow, and surrounding areas. Much appreciated.

prs said...

Hello G, glad you found the blog and thanks for the comment. Hope you come back for second, third and further glances! Thanks!