09 February 2011

Carbon [Canyon] Creek Cleanup Commencing Cuikly Corrected

It appears that what was supposed to happen on Monday concerning the cleanup of Carbon [Canyon] Creek was a meeting of the minds to discuss how the project would be handled rather than the initiation of work.  The mayor of Chino Hills, a city staffer, a fire board director, a member of the Santa Ana Watershed Authority (SAWA) and a couple of Sleepy Hollow residents were to walk an area of the creek and go over the plan to eliminate excessive plant material,remove highly flammable palm trees, and redirect the creekbed away from Carbon Canyon Road to avoid potential washouts during storms.

Unfortunately, the city staffer canceled the meeting at the last moment due to illness, even though one of the participants flew back to the area specifically for the confab.  Presumably, there will be a rescheduled get-together and maybe a timetable developed for the work.  Because SAWA already has the necessary state and federal permits for the arundo removal project often mentioned in this blog, the major hurdles have already been overcome.

Let's hope something can be done before the next fire season (although, in many ways, the so-called fire "season" has become a year-round phenomenon) as well as before next winter when the potential of heavy rain can mean a swollen creek and effects on the state highway.

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