27 January 2011

More on El Rodeo Stables

A truck used for hauling away plant material and stacks of pipe for corral repair are in evidence at the El Rodeo Stables on Carbon Canyon Road in Brea across from the regional park and next to the Olinda Ranch subdivision.

A recent communication from "Jack" was received about the future of El Rodeo Stables in Brea:

We have been in touch with Kelley [Hartranft of the El Rodeo Riding Club] and are monitoring the progress of rebuilding the stables at El Rodeo. The Riding Club, which owns the property, is going to run it and bring it back to the pristine condition it once was. They will probably have horses in the stalls again by March. If you want to monitor the progress with us just log into wwwHorsesDIY.com. We will have pictures also.

Indeed, anyone driving by the El Rodeo site will notice that there has been significant cleanup and repair work and new pipe for the corrals are stacked up nearby and ready to be installed, as the photo above, taken this morning, shows.

Meanwhile, here are the Web sites for Horses DIY here and for the El Rodeo Riding Club here.


Canyon Native said...

Even people who are not avid horse lovers should be delighted that El Rodeo is being revitalized. Stables have always been part of Carbon Canyon life, and riders have supported trails and open space. It will be so nice to see these stables rebuilt and attractive.

prs said...

Hi Canyon Native, I couldn't agree more and it's ironic that some of our cities (Chino Hills, for one) offer equestrian trails and facilities, yet so few homes these days are zoned for horses. Future preservation of the Chino and Puente hills areas could appeal to horse owners and riders, but there are fewer options for them with respect to stabling (whether at home or at boarding facilities.) Thanks for the comment!

Jessica said...

IM EXCITED i loved boarding there!!! it was AWESOME! going on night rides or riding in the back hills!!