15 January 2011

Good News Concerning El Rodeo Stables

In early May 2010, an entry on this blog noted that there was activity at the historic El Rodeo stables, which has been operating at its Brea location across from Carbon Canyon Regional Park since 1927.  Unfortunately, the work involved the removal of horses, stable materials, equipment and other items, leading to speculation that the facility was closing, being put up for sale and, thereby, being subject to demolition and rezoning into, say, residential uses.

Fortunately, in late October, Kelley Hartranft, secretary-treasurer with the El Rodeo Riding Club, which is the owner of the property, provided information about what was happening, noting that the leaseholder had essentially vacated the property, that a mini-tornado had damaged corrals and that, once the lease expired in December, there was hope that a new lessee would be found.

Indeed, that has been the case.  Courtesy of Ms. Hartranft, this is the latest update on the property:

El Rodeo Update - 2011. The stables are scheduled to reopen sometime in February. The El Rodeo Riding Club is happy to announce that a new leasee has been chosen for the property and repair work has already begun. If you have driven by, you will notice the stall roof replacement is well underway and clean up of the property is coming along. There will be lots of new paint and weed pulling in the coming months. We thank everyone that was concerned about the stable closure and encourage folks to tell everyone they know that the stables will again be open and that we are accepting equine friends. Kelley

This is welcome news for lovers of horses and Carbon Canyon's gradually compromised rural atmosphere and character.  It will be a good day when horses, trainers, riders and others are using the property again, especially because stables have been closed throughout the region as development intensified.  Hopefully, Ms. Hartranft will provide further updates as the reopening occurs.


Jack said...

Paul, your blog is not exactly accurate. El Rodeo Stables does not have a new leaser. They renewed the lease with the old leaser. I personally don't think that things will change much.

prs said...

Hello Jack, thanks for the comment. The information concerning leasing arrangements at El Rodeo came directly from comments left on the blog by Kelley Hartranft, who is stated to be the riding club's Secretary-Treasurer. If what has been provided, not the blog itself, is inaccurate, I would be happy to post otherwise. Are you with the riding club or what connection do you have with El Rodeo? Again, thanks.

Jack said...

Paul, We have been in touch with Kelley and are monitoring the progress of rebuilding the stables at El Rodeo. The Riding Club, which owns the property, is going to run it and bring it back to the pristine condition it once was. They will probably have horses in the stalls again by March. If you want to monitor the progress with us just log into wwwHorsesDIY.com. We will have pictures also.

prs said...

Hi Jack, thanks for the update and it's good to hear of the progress. Also to see it, having driven by the last few days and seen the work and improvement that is going on. Will look forward to seeing the equines there again soon. Meantime, I'll do a post soon noting the Web site you provided for those who are interested.