29 January 2010

Kudos to CalTrans (Again)

A few days ago some of our Sleepy Hollow hoodlums who think it is really cool to imitate gang members by putting graffiti in their neighborhood were at it again (see the 11 June 2009 post which discusses when these same little ruffians tagged a larger portion of the Chino Hills portion of Carbon Canyon.)

Using astonishingly clever monikers like "142K", as in the highway number (get it?) and "Toker," which I believe stands for something, our little Canyon Crunksters marked up street signs along Carbon Canyon Road from the county line to Rosemary Lane.

After completing an online cleanup request with the Cal Trans District 8 office yesterday, I expected it would be several days before anything was done. Lo and behold, someone was out this morning cleaning the signs! The work is not done, or perhaps a sign or two were missed, but the response was rapid and effective.

So, kudos for CalTrans for the quick turnaround.

Meantime, there are some areas within Sleepy Hollow and off the highway tagged by our precious juvenile delinquents and a call was placed to the city's graffiti hotline on that one.

Oh, parents (or legal guardians,) where art thou?

Addendum: 12 February 2010

I received an e-mail from a District 8 maintenance supervisor a day or two ago thanking me for submitting the online request and letting me know what some of the details in the response were.  This just adds to my appreciation of what took place and I replied to that e-mail with further thanks.  It is a popular pastime for some to lambaste and ridicule government workers (and, yes, it is often justified), but I have to reiterate that I've made three maintenance requests in my six years in the Canyon and have had a quick and effective response each time.


Anonymous said...

the sweet blackness
sticky fingers twitch
jewelry burns me
i watched it flutter out
jewelry burnt you
screeching rubber
whilst the taurus drift
slender curves
god created taurus
god demands of you
the dreaming canyon waits
for taurusdrift

Paul said...

Anonymous: Once was more than enough, if you get my drift.

Anonymous said...

Calm down ! If a lil spray paint is your main concern,i feel sorry for you.get a job!142k has been in the canyon at least 25 years!!how bout you?move to brea...douche bag

prs said...

Anonymous: graffiti is hardly my "main concern" (probably my family, income inequality, the beauty of the canyon, the national debt, Carbon Canyon history, climate change, and dozens more are higher on the priority list).

Being in the canyon for 25 years means nothing--it's what people do as Canyon residents that counts. Caring about where you live has no relation to whether you moved here last week or last century.

If you think "beautifying" the Canyon with spray paint is so great, then why not live somewhere where it's everywhere and then enjoy it even more?

Finally, if anoynmous name calling (like anonymous tagging) makes you feel superior, fire away. I have other "main concerns."

prs is a douche bag said...

Hey "climate change"sounds to me like you need a hobby..besides blogging & being such a community activist?collect stamps or buttons .what are you doing to guide these ruffians?you would rather just complain...I'm down for a face to face prs..whenever? Worry about yourself..the canyon thanks you!

prs said...

Wow, "prs is a douche bag." Nice. So's the "I'm down for a face to face." That's what it comes down to for you? Been fun wasting time on this . . .

prs is a douche bag said...

Like the last 5 years you've wasted on this pointless blog?