11 January 2010

Businesses of Carbon Canyon: El Rodeo Stables

According to its web site, El Rodeo Stables, which is located on the north side of Carbon Canyon Road, just east of the Olinda Ranch housing subdivision, has existed since 1927.

Unfortunately, I know next to nothing about that history and the web site doesn't have any information on its background either and doesn't appear to have been updated for about two years. There is also a riding club entity that appears to be distinct from the stables.

The facility lost a structure in the November 2008 Freeway Complex fire and that and the state of the economy may have affected the business.

El Rodeo is, I believe, in the recently revised Carbon Canyon Specific Plan for the City of Brea zoned C-RC(PD), which stands for Commercial Recreational (Precise Development) and would, evidently, not be subject to conversion to a residential subdivision without a revision of that zoning under the CCSP.

Meantime, this vestige of the rural nature of Carbon Canyon is now one of two commercial stables in the Canyon (the other being Cowbiz on the former Camp Kinder Ring property in Chino Hills) and its proximity to Chino Hills State Park and its miles of riding trails would seem to be a major benefit to the sustainability of the business (pictured here in August 2008.)

Let's hope that it is viable and will survive.


Danne George said...

BTW, just wanted to let you know that I was the owner of the two horses that you show on your blog. Apples the paint mare and Buddy the Walking Horse. I have since sold them both. If you have any questions you man contact me at strand27389@mypacks.net and I will do my best to answer your questions. I was shocked when I googled the canyon for pictures of the slide to see my two horses on there.

prs said...

Hi Danne, thanks for the comment. My kids and I liked seeing the horses grazing there as we drove to and from home in the canyon, so we stopped one day to take some pictures and pet them through the fence. Your horses were a little part of the rural feel (disappearing though it is) of the canyon.