16 December 2009

Chino Hills State Park Visitor Center Restarted

It appears that the bond monies dedicated towards the building of the new Chino Hills State Park Visitor Center in the Brea portion of Carbon Canyon adjacent to Carbon Canyon Regional Park and which were frozen by order of the governor are now released. Consequently, construction activity is once again in evidence as noted in the photographs here, which were taken yesterday morning.

Very little information has been located about the visitor center, although it may be out there somewhere, as to size, amenities, expected completion dates, and so on. Given the state of the economy, this may be by design.

At any rate, we'll see how this project develops even if the low profile continues.


David said...

Thats good they are continuing construction. I still think they should have done it with the exisisting Rolling M Ranch building.I hate the new hours for the park,Fri-Sun!.....Weekdays were the best times.and Eight dollars to drive into Bane Canyon Rd.Now they are just gonna lose park visitors money, the people who pay anyway.I know it costs money to pay the Rangers but they need to be there. I hope they dont put a toll in the Carbon Canyon or Rimcrest entrance.

Paul said...

Hi David, I've got mixed feelings on this one and I've used the state park a fair amount the 12 years I've lived in Chino Hills. This was dedicated bond money for projects like this (I do think it's OK to put it where it's more accessible to visitors, although I agree that Rolling M is already there and it would've been a good spot also,) but your point about operating hours, rangers and fees goes to a larger issue of adequate funding for state parks. It's just not there. I don't mind paying a nominal amount (a few bucks, maybe) to visit state parks, but eight dollars is a lot. And, with state finances being the disaster that it is, you can be sure parks will continue to get short shrift as streets, schools and other issues take precedence. Finally, we've passed so much bond funding in lieu of taxes that we're ruining our bond rating and paying interest that basically doubles the principal. Yikes!