29 December 2009

Another Part of Historic La Vida Mineral Springs Lost

Now, they may have been killed off by the devastating fire that roared through Carbon Canyon in November 2008 or perhaps property owner Leo Hayashi wanted them gone for some other reason, but it was a shame to see the historic eucalyptus trees (or what remained of them) at the old La Vida Mineral Springs property on the Brea side of the Canyon cut down this morning (see photo) as I was heading to work.

Based on the 1930s era real photo postcards of La Vida that have posted on this site, those trees would appear to have been planted in at least the 1920s and survived some eight decades before their removal today.

This leaves only the remnants of the water tank at the base of the hills as the remaining above-ground feature of the springs.


David said...

What is the closest spot I can park to get to La Vida.without being in the no parking zone?
I've parked right next to it but I was worried about getting in trouble....Hehe Happy New Year!

Paul said...

Hello David, there are nearby turnouts, one of which is currently occupied by a couch that has been there about a month. So, you might try that and have a little sit down to ponder the pros and cons of trespassing! Thanks for the comment!