27 August 2009

Speed Limit Change Rescinded on Carbon Canyon Road!

The experiment in lowering the speed limit on the Chino Hills portion of Carbon Canyon Road (State Highway 142) has suddenly ended, at least temporarily. The speed limit is now back to the limits that existed prior to 14 August when the reduction was made to 35 mph for most of the route and 45 mph for the last mile or mile and a half of the eastbound section to Chino Hills Parkway. So, for most of the route the limit is back to 45 mph, with that mile plus section on the eastbound portion back up to 50. The limit remains 35 through Sleepy Hollow and 40 on the eastbound portion from just below the S-curves near Carriage Hills to just past Old Carbon Canyon Road, at which it goes to 45 until the change to 50 towards the end of the Canyon.

Now, as to why! A call placed after the 14 August change went unreturned, but another this morning yielded an answer, though not one that was particularly enlightening. The woman who answered the call stated that the reason for rescinding the lower limit was due to "resurveying." When asked if that involved looking at traffic conditions and the like, she said yes. Asked about why the resurveying was being done, the woman didn't answer the question, but said that they were in the process of making the resurvey and then would determine whether to go back to the lower limit or keep it as is now. In fact, the staffer was not aware that the signs reinstating the higher limits were back in place.

Basically, it seemed that the CalTrans person didn't want to try and explain why the resurvey was being done or what specifically was involved and only wanted to state the facts of the process rather than the reason why this has been going on.

So be it! Meantime, watch those signs and watch your speed. Without advance notice, there could be another change back any time now!


Empoprises said...

After trying to drive at the lower speed limit a few times, I finally gave up and just went with the flow of traffic. I spotted the new (old/new) 45 mph speed limit sign at the intersection of Carbon Canyon and Old Carbon Canyon last night, and was pleased.

Paul said...

Hello Empoprises, I didn't have too much problem going five mph over the lowered speed limit, but can see where many people would, and it was for a limited time. I don't much care what the speed limit is, I'd just like to see the road patrolled more. There was another car that went off the road on the Brea side where there have been at least three other accidents this year alone--see the new post.

RainJet said...