21 August 2009

Carbon Canyon Historical Artifact #18

Here is another La Vida Mineral Springs seltzer bottle, perhaps dating from the 1940s (although there are suggestions that they may go back as far as the Twenties.)

Back in February, there was a profile of a La Vida Mineral Springs seltzer bottle that had better quality lettering as well as a head and siphon on it. This example lacks the hardware and has darker red lettering that is not in nearly as good condition. There are the same embossed words on the reverse side, consisting of "La Vida Water" below the neck and "Property of / La Vida Mineral Springs Co. / Placentia, Calif" toward the bottom.

At any rate, this is another cool La Vida Mineral Springs item and is accession 2009.8.1.1 from the Carbon Canyon Collection. Clicking on the images will get you a zoomed-in view.

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