02 July 2009

Will It Last?

An amazing sight has appeared on the old water tank at the La Vida Mineral Springs property on the Brea side of Carbon Canyon.

A couple of months ago, a rash of graffiti appeared on the tank and its concrete base, with many of the same markings found on a retaining wall below the Carriage Hills subdivision on the Chino Hills portion of the canyon.

Well, within the last week or so, the base was painted gray and in the last couple of days the areas of the tank that had been tagged were painted pink--both colors pretty closely approximating the colors that had been on each section before the graffiti was applied. Fortunately, the old La Vida logo had been spared by the spraying, so it is intact.

Whether this was done by the property owner or some concerned citizen is uncertain, as does whether the remedy will remain. Let's hope. Regardless, kudos to whoever did the touch-up!

The photos were taken this morning and it would be nice for the tank and base to stay this way until the weeds grow too high to see them again.

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