24 July 2009

Olinda Oil Field History: 1920s Snapshot of a Well

Let's take a little break from the Stonefield "controversy" to share another little tidbit of the history of the Olinda oil field in the form of this 1920s shapshot of a well from that field.

Unfortunately, there was almost no information on the reverse of the image, except for the words "Brea, Cal." But, it seems pretty clear that it is Olinda and that the hills in the background are either those at the Olinda Ranch subdivision, indicating that this might be the Santa Fe lease, or further to the west in the area between Brea-Olinda High School and Valencia Avenue, north of Lambert Road, perhaps close to the current Olinda Nursery location.

This is a typical well of the period: wooden derrick, simple shed at the base, what appears to be building material scattered about, and what looks like a power pole off to the side closer to the photographer. Nothing fancy, but a good documentary view of an Olinda oil well.

This photograph was provided courtesy of the Homestead Museum in the City of Industry.

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