27 April 2009

Party House Liquor Ownership Change

One of only two retail businesses (the other being the excellent Sol de Mexico restaurant in Olinda Village) in Carbon Canyon, Party House Liquor, an institution for several decades in Sleepy Hollow, has undergone a change in ownership. The previous owner, Kenny, could only keep the business going for about two years or maybe less and has now sold the store to Joe and his wife, a couple that says that they plan on having a grand opening under their tenure very soon.

It's hard enough these days to run any small business, but doubly (triply, quadruply?) harder for one that has to compete with the 7-11s and gas station markets (like AM/PM) with their omnipresence, corporate power, and lower prices (though customer service usually suffers, as a result), which can be said for almost any other individually or family-owned enterprise.

I've been a regular customer at Party House and will continue to do so, hoping that patronizing small businesses like it will help a little, but Joe and his wife will need all the help they can get.

So, if you're a resident or a passer-by, stop in and give the place some patronage so we can stem the tide of massive corporate businesses that continue to drive out the "mom and pop" establishments.


Anonymous said...

I dont know how to email you so i thought id leave you a message and im too drunk to try and figure this out but i want to say your website is awsome. I lived in sleepy hollow for about 14 years till i moved. I used to live in the house with the gient hand or in later times the house with the painted fence :D

Paul said...

Hello Anonymous, thanks for your comment and hope you'll come back regularly. Is the house you're referring to the one with the fence painted brick red right next to the creek? I've been told this was the site of the realty office run by the Puringtons, the developers of Sleepy Hollow in the 1920s and after.