20 April 2009

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #1363

No, this is not a new feature about the homeless, but I've decided that my "Useless Documentation" title previously employed for the various traffic "issues" posts on this blog was too negative and overly cynical about the Canyon's version of the "Freeway Fender Follies." You know: all those front ends of cars that mysteriously wind up laying against the center divider or shoulder-side sound walls of freeways.

Our variation is the increasing number of skid marks on Carbon Canyon Road that probably (though I can't say for sure) are the result of the same driving habits (speed, eating that nutritious AM/PM breakfast, following too closely, painting one's toenails, chemical impairments, crying with joy about Susan Boyle, etc.) On occasion, these marks lead right off the road and into some trees, or a guardrail, or someone's fence, and, once in a while, another vehicle. Property damage, injury and death are the unfortunate, but seemingly unpreventable (if not untreatable), side effects (that is, "collateral damage") of this annoying, but not particularly alarming, habit.

See? By referring to the matter (not "problem") in a semi-comical way, instead of an overtly critical one, I've avoided being negative or cynical!

Anyway, here's one of the newest examples that has made its mark on Carbon Canyon Road within the last week or two. This is on the westbound side in the left turn lane to Valley Springs Road and the Western Hills Oaks subdivision in Chino Hills. I'm not sure I can estimate how long the skid mark is, but, as you can see from the photos, it looks like a doozy!

Now, I can't really say whether there are more skid marks now that I'm watching for them than there were before, but I am certain of which ones are new since I started looking for them more closely a few months ago.

Just today, I noticed another a short distance away . . . check back in a couple of days if you just can't get enough of photographs of skid marks and annoying complaints about them!

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