05 December 2008

Carbon Canyon's Greatest Hits #s 3-5: Out of Print!

CalTrans often gets a lot of criticism and much of it, I'm sure, is fully justified, but when it comes to the San Bernardino County side of Carbon Canyon Road (State Highway 142), the folks at District 8 tend to be pretty responsive.

Just a couple of days ago, I stopped to photograph three sites along the Chino Hills portion of the highway in which cars had veered off the road and crashed into two state-owned signs and an old private barbed wire fence.

Today, however, the signs were repaired and back into operation. Let's give credit where it is due--District 8 came through fast on this one!

Not that this negates the fact that there are people who were most likely driving recklessly in each incident (though we can't say for certain) and that irresponsible driving in the Canyon is still prevalent and potentially destructive. Nor should we forget that taxpayers bear the burden of paying for repairing damage on public roads.

But, it's pretty impressive that CalTrans got out and repaired the damage so quickly.

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