15 December 2008

Carbon Canyon Road Mudslide Threat

As of this morning, Carbon Canyon Road was closed because of a potential mudslide threat from the heavy rains that came through the area overnight last evening and into the morning hours today. It appears, however, the road is open as I'm hearing traffic pass by as I'm typing this. There is the possibility of more rain up to and, perhaps, including Wednesday, so who knows whether another closure may be on the horizon. Moreover, canyon hillsides can hold a certain amount of water for a period of time before unstable slopes give way. In those areas of the Canyon on the Brea side that are already steep and given to falling rocks and soil during heavy rains, the fire-blackened sections torched in the Triangle Complex fire are that much more vulnerable. The above photo shows one such candidate near the La Vida Mineral Springs site, but on the opposite (southern) side of the road. So far, so good, but there is an entire winter to go yet.

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