08 May 2018

More News on Tres Hermanos Ranch

An article this weekend in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune discusses the situation with the proposed solar farm at Tres Hermanos Ranch, specifically a plan for Southern California Edison to be involved in the project.

The utility signed on to build a pair of substations to link the solar farm to the electrical grid with the provision that the work would be paid for by the developer hired by the City of Industry to manage the project.

Payment for work by San Gabriel Valley Water and Power has been halted and it was stated that the company has not turned over documents to the City of Industry so the details of work can be verified as well as have information available in lawsuits filed against the City by the cities of Chino Hills and Diamond Bar over the sale of the ranch to Industry.

Acting City Manager Troy Helling said that Industry is committed to using Tres Hermanos for a public purpose, but observed that the sale is not technically complete because of the litigation and added that the situation is "still pretty much up in the air."

More on the story including a link to documents concerning the SCE substations is available here.

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I love your blog, wish you posted a little bit more love seeing all your detective work on crashes on the canyon as well as the history of the canyon itself keep it up!