13 May 2017

Carbon Canyon Fire Safe Council Brush Drop-Off Day a Success

Today from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Canon Lane next to Fire Station 64, north of Carbon Canyon Road, there was a steady stream of Carbon Canyon residents from the Chino Hills portion who took advantage of the Carbon Canyon Fire Safe Council's brush drop-off day.

The first bin was set aside and the second one was put into place during today's brush drop-off day.
This program, with the support of the City of Chino Hills and Chino Hills (Republic) Disposal, has been held for the last several years, often in the spring and fall, and allows for local residents to dispose of their brush and help keep the fire risk in the canyon down.

Several Council volunteers were on hand to help with off-loading and piling of the debris into large roll-off bins and there were sometimes three vehicles at a time waiting to drop off the material.

Local residents participating in the drop-off day; in this case, this vehicle made several trips to drop off material.
By mid-morning, the first bin was getting full and, fortunately, the disposal company had another empty one nearby in Chino Hills, so it took just a few minutes to bring it and haul away the first one.

As 1:00 neared, the second bin was just about full and one late arrival had to be turned away as the bin was being hauled out.

With something on the order of 7,500 pounds of brush dropped off, that means that much less of a fire risk in the canyon.
In all, an estimated 7,500 pounds of brush was brought down and then taken away.  With the deadline of the 15th looming for local residents to remove their brush by order the fire department and with the weather being just about perfect, this was the time to get the work done and it was great to see those residents who took advantage of the project.

There may be a fall date for a second brush drop-off day this year, so look for more information here, on the Chronicle Facebook page, on Next Door Sleepy Hollow and on the Chino Hills Connection site.

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