04 March 2017

Carbon Canyon Road School Bus Stop Signs

School buses have been picking up children along Carbon Canyon Road on the Chino Hills portion of the canyon for decades and decades.

Experience shows that, as with lots of other places, drivers along the state highway just don't follow the law and stop when a bus reaches a location, turns on its red lights and puts out the little stop sign at the back of the bus so students can board safely.

It looks like someone got the attention of CalTrans District 8, which maintains the highway on the San Bernardino County sign because there are two new signs indicating bus stops.  The westbound one is downslope from the S-curve before Fairway Drive/Ginseng Lane.  The eastbound sign is just before Canon Lane.

Not that this will stop people from continuing ignoring the fact that a full stop needs to be made in both directions when a bus picks up students and gives the proper notification.

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