16 February 2017

Carbon Canyon Road Speed Limit Adjustments

Several years ago, CalTrans District 8, which controls maintenance of the Chino Hills/San Bernardino County portion of Highway 142/Carbon Canyon Road implemented speed limit changes that lowered the amounts by 5 mph.

That was soon rescinded as an immediate outcry rose up.

Within the last few weeks, however, the same agency has made adjustments to limits and sign placement.

From Chino Hills Parkway heading west the speed limit is now 50 mph, or perhaps it always was, because the portion of Highway 142 that is Chino Hills Parkway coming from the 71 Freeway has been zoned 50 heading west.

Now, however, there is a new sign soon after the turn from Chino Hills Parkway showing the 50 mph limit.

As drivers approach the first turn, Feldspar Drive, which leads into the Summit Ranch neighborhood, the speed drops to 45.

Then, not far past Feldspar, the limit becomes 40--the sign there has been moved further east.

The limit remains 40 until past the S-curve and summit and until drivers pass Fairway Drive/Ginseng Lane at the Western Hills Country Club location where the speed is 45.

Once the downslope of the road approaches Sleepy Hollow, the limit becomes 35 and remains that way until the Orange County/Brea line is crossed.

Coming east from that line, the limit is 35 until exiting Sleepy Hollow and then the limit moves to 45.  The limit reduction to 40 appears to be further west than before as the drive climbs towards the summit and S-curve.

Once that area is passed, there had been a 45 mph sign virtually at the intersection of Old Carbon Canyon Road that was mowed down by an errant driver several years ago and not replaced.  The question then was: what was the actual speed limit?  Presumably, it was still 40 because that was the last posted (and still standing) sign back before the S-curve.

Now, however, there is a new 45 mph sign though it is quite a bit further east than the previous sign had been.

Finally, after Feldspar is passed and a driver moves towards Chino Hills Parkway, the limit climbs to 50 mph.

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